Mobile Web Banking FAQs

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Q: What is mobile web banking?

If you do not have a smart phone (Android, iPhone) Mobile Web Banking allows you to access your account information from any mobile phone/tablet with internet capability.

Q: What is the url to access Liberty Bank’s mobile web banking?

Simply enter into your device’s browser window as you normally would. We will recognize you as a mobile visitor and automatically forward you to our mobile formatted site. Then, click on the “Mobile Banking” button.

Q: How do I enroll for mobile web banking?

Visit and click the "Sign Up" link.

Q: Will I be prompted for a one-time passcode every time I use the mobile web?

No, just the first time you log in from your mobile device. However, if you delete cookies on your mobile device, you will be prompted for a passcode every time you log in.

Q: What can I do with the mobile web banking?

• View account balances and account history

• View check images in your account history

• Make transfers (as long as you have more than one eligible account accessible through Online Banking)

• Pay bills to existing payees

• Find the nearest Liberty Bank ATM or branch

Q: Is mobile web banking safe?

Yes. Just like when you use Online Banking, Mobile Banking requires that you enter a login ID and password. In addition, all communication between your mobile device and Liberty Bank is encrypted, and your password and account information are never stored on your mobile device by Liberty Bank. Plus only the last 3 digits of your account number will be displayed on your device’s screen.

Q: I am locked out of my mobile web banking what can I do?

After five unsuccessful login attempts you will be locked out of both the Mobile Web and Online Banking (accessible by PC). To unlock your account, please visit from a PC and click on the “Username/Password Help” link located on our website home page. Or you can contact our Customer Service Center at 888-570-0773 and we will be happy to assist you.

Q: How many transactions can I see at a time on my phone?

When you select an account name on the “Accounts” tab, you can scroll through the last few days of transactions. Want more? Click the “More History” button to view additional transactions. You can also customize your date range to go back as far as 180 days.

Q: Can I make my loan payments using mobile web banking?

Yes. Simply click the “Transfer” button, select the account you would like debited and then select the loan you’d like to pay.

Q: How do I log out?

Click the “Log Out” button at the top right of the page to exit and return to the login screen. If you forget to log out, the system will automatically time out after five minutes of inactivity.

Q: Can I pay bills using mobile web banking?

Yes, you can pay bills using mobile web banking.

Q: Can I add, delete or edit my payees using mobile web banking?

No. To add, edit or delete payees, please log in to online banking from a PC.

Q: The payee nicknames that I set up for my Bill Pay payees are displaying in mobile web banking and not the actual payee name, why?

If you have nicknames set up for your payees, then the nickname is what will be displayed within Mobile Banking. If you do not have a nickname set up, then the actual payee name will be displayed. You can log into your Online Banking from a PC and edit a nickname to include the payee name to make it easier to recognize.

Q: If I add a new payee or delete a payee from my Online Banking, how long does it take to update in my mobile web banking?

Changes made within Online Banking will be updated in your mobile web banking within 30 minutes.

Q: Is help available through my mobile web banking?

For assistance with your accounts, click the "Contact Us” link to find our support phone number, 888-570-0773. For help regarding your specific mobile device and/or wireless Internet connectivity, please contact your wireless provider.

Q: My session timed out pretty quickly, can I change the timeout value?

No. For your security and protection, when there has been no account activity for five minutes, the session times out and the Mobile Web login page displays with a Session Expired message.

Q: Can I view checks in the mobile web?

Yes. Check images are displayed within your account history. Check icons are displayed next to transactions associated with withdrawal checks.

Q: What should I do if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

If your mobile phone/tablet is lost or stolen you should immediately call your mobile carrier to report it and cancel the service to that device or perform a remote lock or data wipe via another device.

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