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Privacy and Security

Privacy & Security

What we value most.

When it comes to your banking information, we’re overprotective. Whether your bank account involves personal funds, business funds, credit cards or credit lines or loans, maintaining the confidentiality of your information, account history and transactions is always our first priority. Confidentially, nothing matters more to us than the privacy of our customers. Read how we protect your personal information in our Privacy Notice (PDF), anytime.

Your Privacy

Your confidential information should be just that: confidential. That’s our policy. Click here to learn how Liberty Bank protects your privacy and how you can protect yourself.

Your Security

Safe, secure banking is our middle name. That’s how seriously we take your online security. Choose to bank with us and you will receive the most up-to-date account protection available. Click here to learn how Liberty Bank protects your security and how you can protect yourself.

*New* Security Videos

We’ve added informational videos that address key security topics and provide helpful tips to safeguard your information. Watch them now and learn how you can prevent falling victim to online scams.
  • Phishing: Don’t take the bait!
  • Identity Theft: Protect Yourself!
  • Internet Fraud: If it sounds too good to be true,                      it probably is
  • Social Media: Be Careful Who You Trust
  • Play it Safe with Portable Devices

Mobile Banking Protection

It's convenient. It's fast. And, no worries, Mobile Banking is secured by the same cautious care we apply to every other facet of electronic banking with Liberty. Click here to learn how Liberty Bank protects your security and how you can protect yourself.

Trusteer Rapport 

We’ve partnered with Trusteer, a leading expert in financial security, to offer Trusteer Rapport online fraud protection software customized for Liberty Bank Online Banking and BizLink Online Banking customers – and it’s completely free!

Learn more about Trusteer Rapport and how to download. 

Business Protection

You’ve worked hard to build your business. We’ve worked hard to build the security walls to protect it. Keeping your business information and funds secure. That’s our business. Learn how Liberty Bank protects your business and how you can better protect your business.


Scam and Fraud Education Center

Let’s be honest. There’s a good reason scam artists are called “artists.” We can help you spot the scams and deceptions that threaten your account security. No matter how artfully they’re designed.


Be a private eye.

If you notice anything suspicious, such as fraudulent email scams or any other type of online activity that you think might not be legitimate, report it. Our online detection service will investigate it right away.

Suspect Fraud? Report it.

Suspect Fraud? Report it.
Report a suspicious email or text message.

Safeguard Your Accounts

Safeguard Your Accounts
Learn how Liberty protects transactions.
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